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Dengeki 電撃
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I.D. By: :iconchillykuma-kuma: ChillyKuma-Kuma

Hey, I'm Den~! Just some random tiger who loves to have fun and eat food~ Keep up the great art all of ya! I'd love to see more~

> Skype: dengeki98
> xbox Gamertag: Dengeki 98
> Friend Code: 0061-1076-1879
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( It's obvious by now I'm writing a story, and for now, this will be an almanac or something for all information I need to store so I don't lose it. Any questions or anything, let me know if ya want~ I love answering 'em! This is mainly to use for personal reference in case I somehow lose my papers, but you can read 'em if you want. It basically surrounds the RP mainly anyways. )


Kingdom Outline
Spirit Animals
Star Eyed Syndrome

KINGDOM OUTLINE: ( Random Perspective ) There's this place people go to. It's not a very populated place, and most of it is NPC's. It's a kingdom, and it has no official name, but most people call it Den's Kingdom, based on the ruler, King Den. People who go there, usually leave living happier lives, but no one has yet to say why. It may be just a rumor though, not many come to or go from that kingdom anyway, so it's hard to tell. ( Real details ) Den's Kingdom is a place where a whole bunch of people, often with some sort of depression or problem, come to and stay and somehow live a happy life. Most however are cursed with a thing called Star-Eyed Syndrome, which itself isn't deadly at all, but it leaves a mark on your eye that symbolizes what you need to cure it, and it prevents you from leaving the castle without a mission. There are lots of people in the kingdom, but outside of the castle it's mainly NPC's/background characters. ( Story ) Berano is summoned to the kingdom as a new guard but himself gets cursed with Star-Eyed Syndrome. Now, he is bound to help the people of the kingdom, while at the same time trying to cure himself of his curse. 

CLASSES: Since the population isn't big enough to qualify well branched classes, they've been simplified into three subjects:
 - WARRIORS: All the fighters, usually non magical, who serve as knights. Their main goal is to be troops of the kingdom. ( Teachers of the warrior class is Berano/Elma )
- MAGES: All of the magic casters. They're mainly used to do whatever they can with their skills, and are put to use however they can be depending on their ability. ( Teachers of the class are Bukman/Simon/Shinji/Saki )
- THIEVES: Thief classes are ones that use stealth. They can be anyone, from ninjas, stalkers, to even real thieves who steal. This class is taught only in private and travel in the shadows, so it's unknown whenever they're active. ( Teachers are Den/Guren )
- UNCLASSIFIED: There are very few people in the kingdom who don't have a specific class. These people often can change their abilities or class through the story. Players however can't be one of these; while they can have multiple abilities, and all being from all 3 classes, they must choose one to start with. 

SPIRIT ANIMALS: Since the story was originally animal based, spirit animals now play a part of the story. They're the origination of your character. Instead of having cultures, everyone was once a part of an animal clan. This type of clan can effect your abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and of course, they are your alternate form in special cases. 

STAR-EYED SYNDROME: The curse that is based on the target's desire in the world. They are symbols that cover that replace the pupil of the eye with a predestined shape. The cure is to somehow get what you want most in the world. Each symbol can be specific sometimes, like if you desire love of a kind, you'd get a heart. Sometimes, the symbols are abstract, such as if you don't know what you want, then you will get an oval symbol over your eyes, showing that you're unaware of what you want. The current symbols are:
( OVAL: Looking for a purpose or desire ( HEART: Looking for love ( STAR: Looking for a kind of admiration ( SWORD: There is a foe you must face ( SHEILD: You want to defend someone or something ( CHEF HAT: You want to master a culinary art/skill ( BRUSH: You wish to master an art ( SHINE: You seek the truth ( WAND: You want to master magistry ( COIN: You want something materialistic ( CROWN: You want power ( CLOVER: You have ideas of what you want, but you are undecided ( SMILE: You want to be accepted ( MEDAL: You wish for honor ( LEAF: You want to preserve something, often an area ( CROSS: You wish to help others ( HOURGLASS: You're looking for something time based, such as youth or emortality ( WINGS: You search for freedom from something ) *** More to come probably

EXPIRATION: The star eyed syndrome can go for forever. It will stay with you until you die unless it is cured. However, there is a major downside beyond traveling limits. You must stay positive, and somehow not fall into a drastic amount of depression, or you become more of a target to a demon. This demon seeks out those who have gotten into that sadness at least 3 times. It then tries to convince the person to give into them, and if it succeeds it will consume the person, and take over their body. The person doesn't die though, they're possessed. The demon reverses the personality, but otherwise, the person is the same. However, if the demon is caught in a person, the symbol over the person eyes will spread into an "X" shape, and the iris will turn red. At that time, the demon is done playing, and will then act like itself and not pretend to be the opposite of who they took over. If the demon isn't removed, it can spread to others, causing many to be taken over at one timing. The demon can be defeated though, before it possess you. While it negotiates, it's weaker since it takes a physical form not of a body. If you fight, you may win, but if you do fight, the demon will leave a mark, showing that you've been warned. The sclera will turn black, and your Star Eyed Syndrome as well. 

CASUALS: Not everyone in the kingdom still has the curse, and not all get it. People who are satisfied with their life will never get the syndrome, but that's rare. Also, some who are cured, stay and help the kingdom as best they can. They're known as Casuals, or people without the syndrome. They're often seen in the kingdom even though there aren't many of them. They don't have to work, so long as they help people be happy, and prevent expiration. 

PKO/KO: While you are told to only KO, which stands for knock out, there is a death choice. You can very easily slay those you choose to by continuing to attack them even after they've been KO'd and have yet to respawn yet. Death is instead called PKO, or permanent knock out. It's unsure what happens after death in their world, but it can happen. It's forbidden though, because while the people age, and they can die of many means naturally, murder of that scale is frowned on by most, even bad guys. 

Let me know if I missed anything, and thanks for reading! 

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