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Dengeki 電撃
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States

I.D. By: :iconchillykuma-kuma: ChillyKuma-Kuma

Hey, I'm Den~! Just some random tiger who loves to have fun and eat food~ Keep up the great art all of ya! I'd love to see more~

> Skype: dengeki98
> xbox Gamertag: Dengeki 98
> Friend Code: 0061-1076-1879
> Tumblr:
> Fur Affinity:…

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:icondentora-tora: :iconoctopusroll: :iconrsdoidle:
Tagged Twice on the same meme, weird
:iconpetrusart: and :iconbrawl9977: Tagged me

1. - You must posts these rules.
2. - Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. - Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. - Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5. - Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6. - Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"
7. - You have to tag at least 10 people.
9. - You can't say that you don't do tags.
10. - YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

1. Ever went to another country?
No but I want to Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
2. Which do you like more sweet/sour/salty sweets or snacks?
Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] I like to spice things up~
3. Are you an adventurous person?
Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3] THERE'S A WORLD OUTSIDE MY ROOM?!
4. What do you think of games like Mario?
Llama Emoji 34 (Sexy Smile) [V2] Love 'em~ But not as much as my mom does 
5. Why do you like to draw art?
Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] I can create worlds out of absolutely nothing. I always have many ideas and those ideas often ( I hope ) attract interest. And I want to be able to make stories that can make people happy. To one day make art to make the world happy is my goal!
6. If you could meet any person here on dA in real life who would it be?^^
Hmmm, it'd have to be :iconoctopusroll::iconsuper-tuler::iconfrosty-pandox::iconpetrusart::iconsammyskier::icontonybearcomic::iconchillykuma-kuma::iconspipme::iconjoaobear: DAMN, I wanna meet so many of you Llama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] 
7. What's the happiest thing that happened to you?
Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] The time I was with my mate, those were the happiest days of my life
8. Do you like powers or does it bore you?
Llama Emoji-50 (Whistling) [V3]  Depends on the powers
9. If you got powers like Spiderman would you become a hero or a villain?
Llama Emoji-45 (Smug) [V2] Both
10. DC or Marvel fan?
Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2]  Marvel, no not because I think Wolverine is hot if that was what you were thinking

1. What are you doing for the summer?
Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3] 
Drawing and looking for bears to impress
2. E3 is almost here! What are you most excited about?/anticipating?
Racing Girl Emoji (Aaaaaahhh) [V4] 
EVERYTHING!!! Why can't I have the money to buy them all?!!?!
3. Mega swampert or mega swampert? 
:iconbruhpertplz: by Dragonith  Bruh ( Racing Girl Emoji (Nose Bleed) [V3] He's buff now!! )
4. If your fursona or your OC had to spend the day with any of my OC's how would it be and what would you guys do?
Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely Wink) [V3] Gaming all day~
5. Have you played a PERSONA game before? If so which is your favorite? if not why haven't you?
Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4] 
P4A, I really really wanna play P4A-2 already!! Also I wanna try PQ
6. What did you do for graduation? (All elementory, highschool, and college if you went)
Racing Girl Emoji (Please forgive me) [V3] ( Friends who I will most likely not see again ) Farewell my loved ones, I shall miss you all. Racing Girl Emoji (Info below) [V3] ( My friends I will see again ) Later bitches, I'm outty
7. Favorite fast food joint?
Racing Girl Emoji (Running Cry) [V2]  Carls Jr.!! They have the best bacon burgers there!
8. Would you draw a pic for me if I asked nicely? (Of course you won't; I'm not good enough for that, and probably never will Depressed)
Racing Girl Emoji (You meanie) [V2] 
I'm so sorry but I'm super busy bro!! As soon as my time clears up I would though!
9. Favorite webcomic? If none can I introduce you to some of mine?
Racing Girl Emoji (Senpai noticed me) [V3] These two make the best comics :iconthedevcomic: :icontonybearcomic:
10.Do you think it's imBEARising to ride a moped as your main means of transportation?

FLCL by D4RKW1N65  Yer kidding right? Racing Girl Emoji (Pretty Please Onegai) [V3] I want one that looks like Haruko's

Time for my questions
1. If any other animal, what would ya be?
2. Do ya like anime? If so what's your favorite?
3. Do ya like Vocaloid? If so, favorite singer/song?
4. If you were attacked in your room, what would be something nearby you'd grab immediately to attack your attacker? ( If it's more than 5 feet away it doesn't count )
5. Boxers or briefs? Boxer-briefs?
6. What's your favorite weapon?
7. You're out in space and have to fight an armada of enemies!! Which two people do you take with you to fight?!
8. What do you think would be the crime you committed if you ever got arrested?
9. Do you want more questions or are ya ready to close up?
10. Well, this is the last question. Sorry if ya had your hopes up. Oh no! LAST QUESTION?! The world is ending! You're our only hope to save the world! Are you ready to take on such a challenge to save everyone?

I tag you and you and you AND ESPECIALLY YOU
  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: Vocaloid
  • Reading: Subtitles
  • Watching: Kill La Kill
  • Playing: Dark Cloud 2
  • Eating: Hot Cheeto Fries
  • Drinking: Pepsi

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